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Post-Secondary Life

Have you applied for ODSP?

What is it?

The Ontario Disability Supports Program is run by Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. The Income Support programs gives people with disabilities a monthly payment that helps them cover the expenses of daily living. There is also a Benefits program for people with disabilities, where they can receive help with prescription drugs, dental coverage, vision care and glasses.

How do we apply?

There are several steps:

First, the Ministry must determine that the young person with Down syndrome has a need for financial assistance. You will have to fill in forms about your family and income. A case worker will be in contact to have you sign permission forms so the Ministry can obtain more information about your eligibility.

Then, once the young person’s eligibility is established, the Ministry will ascertain that they have a disability. They do this by asking you to provide many types of documentation, and have forms filled in by your doctor/s.

The final decision on your case can take months. When the Ministry has decided that your young person has met all the criteria, they inform you of the amount you will receive per month and inform you about the process for claiming the benefits.

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