Checklist for Parents: The Process

Before Year 1


Go online to Board’s website to learn about dates, procedures for Kindergarten enrolment

Register child for Kindergarten online

Inform school that you will be registering a child with Down syndrome

Attend Board pre-kindergarten information sessions with your child

If the school can accommodate it, visit the Kindergarten classroom with your child so the child knows what to expect

With child, read stories about school, discuss transition to school


Complete needed assessments (hearing, vision, etc.)

Assemble material for IPRC documentation

With child, read stories about school, discuss transition to school

Get clarity on bussing, take part in program to practice bus skills, if available

With child, brush up on other “school” skills (i.e., using the toilet, eating independently, etc.)

Early Fall

If you haven’t already, notify school if interpreter will be needed, if you will be accompanied when attending the IPRC

Attend IPRC, review IPRC decision

Assemble ideas you may have for IEP

Find mutually convenient time to discuss IEP with FDK teaching team

Troubleshoot and address small difficulties early

Through Years One and Two

Maintain communication with teaching team (teacher and ECE)

Keep notes on new learning by child, “what’s working” at home

Read every report card (issued in January and June)

Consult periodically on adjustments to the IEP